Thursday, 8 December 2011

Feltham: True Blue Labour from Kensington and Chelsea

The Lady on the right side of the picture next to Ed Milliband is Kensington and Chelsea's Shema Malhotra-Suma, a member of the working classes of Kensington and Chelsea represented by, among others, Bob Crow and the boys of the Trade Unions. The wealthy Labour candidate lives in a £3.5 million house in Chelsea just off Kings Road.

Shema Malhotra-Suma is the obvious choice for a Labour Leader that just weeks ago attacked the National Union of Teachers by saying that they should not go on strike. Follow Seema Malhotra-Suma's example, Ed Milliband seems to say. Shema does not go on strike. Shema does not need to put the country in danger by complaining about pensions.

All those ill intentioned rumours about Labour being Red should stop right now. All workers in Britain should know that Labour is now True Blue and has been True Blue for quite a while. As another representative of the working classes, Margaret Hodge (the heir of the World's third largest Steel Empire) would say: forget all the crap about Class Struggle.

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