Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Political Judicial System of Britain.

The decision made today to keep Emma West behind bars was a political decision because some courts in this country are no longer Judicial courts. Some courts in this country are Political courts and the magistrates operating today in Croydon Magistrates Court are not judges. They are politicians following the dictats of political correctness and not the spirit of real justice.

This is what I saw today when all the excuses and explanations given to keep Emma West behind bars were totally, utterly and completely refuted by Emma West’s relatives. The relatives of Emma West said there have been no threats made against Emma West and her family. The supposed danger against Emma West has been fabricated by the Crown Prosecution Service as an excuse to justify a political decision.

Even murder suspects have been awarded bail. Bail was not awarded because this is a politically motivated case. What those behind this injustice fail to see is that today levels of hatred against ethnic minorities have gone up  exponentially because a frail woman has been demonised.

The process, at the request of Emma West and her barrister, will continue at the Crown Court on January 3rd, 2012.  Taking the case to the Crown Court was seen as the only hope of getting real justice. The Croydon Magistrates Kangaroo Court would not be the answer.

I hope all do-gooders enjoy their turkeys and their Christmas celebrations and especially Christmas Day in the knowledge that somewhere a mother will spend her time away from her family and, most importantly, away from her own child.

The mother, the father, the sister and an uncle of Emma West were there and we were there to support them.

Merry Christmas to the judges and to all individuals that created this injustice. When Judgment Day comes they will be properly rewarded.

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