Monday, 12 December 2011

Saudi Arabia: Allowing women drivers will end their virginity

One of the highest religious councils in Saudi Arabia dictated that allowing women to drive will mean that there will be no more virgins. It also said that driving will encourage prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.

I felt tempted to write a letter to the said religious authority and advice the Saudi Arabian experts that there is a solution. Saudi Arabia can always send Muslim women to Britain so that they have their virginity restored with all expenses paid by the National Health Service and all can be done with total anonymity.

Not long ago, the mass media reported how much money is being spent by the National Health Service to provide hymen restoration for cultural purposes so that women that have lost their virginity are not rejected by their own families.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Saudi government is considering a proposal to ban women from even showing their eyes because their eyes are judged to be too tempting. In a report written for the said religious authority, Kamal Subhi, a former professor at King Fahd University, concludes that there is irrefutable scientific evidence of moral decline and as an example of such moral decline he writes that he sat down at a coffee shop and that all women were looking at him.

Are Saudi Arabian women so desperate to have sex that even showing their eyes would give them away? Well, since Professor Kamal Subhi complains that all women were looking at him, you can draw your own conclusions. Has Professor Kamal Subhi some little secret that he does not reveal for fear of being executed in his own country?

Luckily, not all Muslim countries are like Saudi Arabia but we must remember than in many Muslim countries (and outside many Muslim countries) women are still struggling with Islamic stupidity and are forced to walk around covered with bed linen and hiding their faces.

Not long ago a Muslim Peer indicated that levels of sexual frustration are so high in the Muslim community that this leads to rape and to all kinds of illicit activities.

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