Monday, 12 December 2011

Husting in Feltham and Heston goes according to plan

Tonight, Dave Furness, British National Party Candidate in the Feltham and Heston Parliamentary By-Election, attended a husting in Feltham and everything went according to plan. All campaigning activities continue as normal and hopefully without any problems whatsoever.

Whatever the outcome of the by-election, the British National Party is very well established and perceptions have been changing. Out went the thuggish images of the past to be replaced by the images of a new political party that campaigns responsibly, offers a message that is consistent with its political aims and works indefatigably to achieve the said political aims.

Anybody who has wanted to talk with the British National Party activists in Feltham and Heston has been able to do so. We don’t shy away from the Electorate and we don’t shy away from the mass media. In fact, more than once, the mass media have been found wanting, but we will persevere.

We will persevere because we believe in what the British National Party has to offer in times of enormous uncertainties and with extremely difficult challenges ahead.

In the past year, there have been doubters and critics but we have stayed the course because we believe that despite any doubts and despite any criticisms the British National Party is the one political force that truly represents the Nationalist Cause in Britain.

We strongly believe that attacking other Nationalists is a self-defeating exercise and we have avoided such self-defeating exercise. We have chosen to continue working and we have chosen to ignore personality feuds and personal grievances.

I was reminded today of the Curse of the British National Party. Those who attack the British National Party, one by one, will fall victims of the said Curse by falling on their own swords.

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