Wednesday, 28 December 2011

From Tam-Tam-Hoola-Hoola-Chah-Chah-Chah

I live in Tam-Tam-Hoola-Hoola-Chah-Chah-Chah, a certain area of Southeast London. When I hear the news about yet another killing, what do I hear about? I hear mostly about non-whites against non-whites and non-whites against whites. So, I have heard more than enough anti-white rumbling. Few of you might remember Victoria ClimbiƩ and Damilola Taylor. Now we have Seydou Diarrassouba. Who killed them? Once upon a time we hear about whites attacking non-whites, but everyday events tell us that reality is a lot darker that the mass media want us to believe.

I have not been to Peckham recently, but I promise that if I do go there I will ask a Labour MP if she can lend me her attire. Unfortunately, I might as well consider wearing such attire in other parts of London. I am also considering the possibility of suggesting that the use of such attire be mandatory in the United Kingdom. Next time I think about going to Oxford Street I might as well think about acquiring some electromagnetic shield and some tasers.

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