Friday, 16 December 2011

Putin in Russia 49.8% - Labour in Feltham and Heston less than 16%

Labour won the Feltham and Heston by-Election with less than 16 per cent of the votes and this is hardly an endorsement taking into account that the British mass media and political parties in Britain just a few days ago criticized Vladimir Putin in Russia for ‘not having enough popular support’ having won the Russian Parliamentary Elections with more than 49% of the votes.
Labour’s numbers in Feltham and Heston went down from 21,174 to 12,639 and this is also hardly an endorsement for the Labour Leader Ed Milliband that will claim that such a victory is a victory against the Conservative Party when all in all this was a defeat of Democracy. There are 80,813 registered voters, barely 23,299 bothered to come out and vote and only 12, 639 supported Labour.
There was a complete blackout organized by the mass media, including the BBC and SKY News that, once again, didn’t bother to interview the British National Party Candidate when candidates of other political parties, including those that clearly showed that they were paper candidates forced to stand in front of the cameras and got a little confused trying to explain what their political parties really stood for.
The vast amounts of money and mass media efforts of our adversaries failed to convince the Electorate of Feltham and Heston and the people of Feltham and Heston got a representative that does not believe her own words and would do rather better standing in Kensington and Chelsea representing the interests of her employer, a renowned accountancy firm.
Somebody commented that when the Labour Candidate entered the room where the votes were being counted there was absolute silence. When the Labour Candidate made her acceptance speech, she was booed and jeered as her speech was and sounded totally unconvincing and without heart in it.
Lab         Con        Lib Dem                BNP       UKIP      Green   Turnout Voters %           
2010       21,174   16,516   6,669     1,714     992         530         48,526   80,813   0.600473
2011       12,639   6,436     1,364     540         1,276     426         23,299   80,813   0.288308
                -8,535    -10,080 -5,305    -1,174    284         -104       -25,227
Given the high profile given to this election by both the political establishment and the mass media, popular lack of interest in this election was a resounding rejection of the political parties represented in the Houses of Parliament.
Despite having the support of big capital and the mass media, Labour enters Parliament with less than 16% of the popular vote.

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