Saturday, 17 December 2011

Young man thrown out of a train: Assault or Public Service

You might have seen the video of a young white man thrown out of a train carriage by a fellow passenger (also white) and heard the noise of clapping hands of other passengers celebrating the event. Now, lets think about it for a moment.

If the young man in question that was thrown out had been non white, I am absolutely sure that the passenger who threw him out of a train carriage would now be on bail facing charges of physical assault, racism, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

This is how Britain is nowadays. This is what Britain is becoming worldwide famous for. What worries me is that nobody raised the alarm.

Are passengers supposed to attack fellow passengers? Where were the Transport Police Officers whose duty is to deal with those who are travelling without tickets?

The mass media didn't pose any questions and we are talking about the same mass media who would have crucified the attacker if the victim had been non white.

So, once again, there is one law for whites and another law for non-whites and this goes on and on and on.

By the way, the members of a gang suspected of murdering a young white boy in East London a few days go were awarded bail.

White people in this country are being brainwashed to the point that violence against whites is acceptable and violence against non whites is to be severely punished.

Who was supposed to deal with the issue? The conductor? A fellow passenger? Where were those that are supposed to deal with this kind of situations?

Are the mass media and the passengers that applauded what happened in favour of vigilantes? I would have thought that there are proper procedures in place to deal with difficult situations.

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