Thursday, 1 December 2011

Britain expects every Nationalist will do his duty

The gloves are off. No more procrastination. No more pussy footing around! Let us remember what we have had to put up with. Multiculturalism in action: these guys are not shouting or complaining on public transport, are they? The greater the numbers, the greater the danger.
 What will you do if you see this? Shout? Wait for the Police so that when they finally arrive they can take care of the corpse? That would be too late, wound't it? Or maybe the Police will just stand by and then tell the media that lessons will be learned? Or maybe there would not be any kind of media coverage for fear of offending the ethnic minorities? This sounds more likely to happen. In fact, it happens on a regular basis. Attacks by Multiculturals are usually described as 'Non Racist' while incidents involving whites are always described as Racist.

Now, it is your choice. You can be politically correct or continue talking about what is wrong with British Nationalism and what is wrong with the British National Party or you can be British, go out and make yourself heard, stand your ground and say 'No more'.

Nobody is asking you to be violent or offensive. All you need to do is to turn out and be counted to say the Laws of this country are attacking the local population to allow gangsters to get away with murder. People have every right to be angry without causing bodily harm to anybody. People have a right to say 'I don't like this, I don't like that' without being taken to court.
When somebody calls me 'a white piece of shit', is this Racism? Well, according to the politically correct society it isn't. What???? One day, my wife was waiting for a bus at a local bust stop and she was told 'that they wanted Global Warming so that all whites would burn to death'. Was this Racism?

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