Saturday, 24 December 2011

Did Mikhail Gorbachev ever win any election?

Did Mikhail Gorbachev ever win any election? Gorbachev was appointed leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and this is how he became Russian President and he did not win one, two or three elections. Gorbachev won absolutely none. If he had survived as head of the Communist Party, he would have been President until his death, like many of his comrades in the Communist Party, including Josef Stalin, did.

So now Mikhail Gorbachev is criticizing Vladimir Putin that was Russian President because he actually was elected. Why Gorbachev is not President and why there is no Soviet Union today? Well, he was out-maneuvered by his Communist comrades, arrested and finally liberated by a chap called Boris Yeltsin.

What are Gorbachev's Russian democratic credentials? Mikhail Gorbachev has absolutely none. About 50,000 people went out demonstrating? Russia has about 150,000,000 people. Gorbachev calls for the resignation of the Russian government because 50,000 out of 150,000,000 people have different views? Would he call for the resignation of Barak Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and many others on the basis that 1/3000 of the people are against the government?

The Soviet withdrawal from Eastern Germany and the rest of occupied Europe was not an act of goodness. It was an absolutely necessity. The Soviet Union was collapsing from within and couldn’t afford to pay its debts. Soviet propaganda did not produce wealth and the Soviet Union was surviving by borrowing, borrowing and borrowing even more and it could no longer afford to maintain its presence in occupied Europe. One by one, Soviet satellites collapsed. Gorbachev is now a pathetic figure and an icon of the past.

When Yeltsin and his Chancellor Yegor Gaidar tried to restore financial rationality in Russia, what happened? The Russian people had to face the truth that had been hidden by a Marxist regime. Russia was bankrupt and many starved to death, while others saw their lifestyle and their savings vanish.

Vladimir Putin restored confidence in Russia. What the Marshal Plan did for Germany, Vladimir Putin did for Russia with a new impetus defined by Nasha i nie Nasha (We and what belongs to us and the Others.) Russian Nationalism brought Russia back from the brink of total disaster and good management of national resources led to opening new ways of ensuring that Russia would not be short of cash.

As soon as Angela Merkel came to power, Vladimir Putin signed a deal with Germany to supply Germany with oil and gas. The country engaged in a process of economic expansion towards West and East. Instead of mentally retarded Marxism, sound economics based on diplomacy, work and trade allowed Russia to move forward.

Seventy years of dysfunctional and tyrannical Marxism could not be wiped out overnight and especially when vested interests in the West have been doing their utmost to derail any progress in Russia. Mikhail Gorbachev might sound appealing to the mass media run by vested Western interests but for the Russian people Mikhail Gorbachev is no more than a Western stooge.

Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace? On December 24th 1979, under Leonid Brezhnev, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in a war that was going to last until February 15th, 1989 under Mikhail Gorbachev. Again, was the Soviet withdrawal an act of goodness? The then Soviet Union lost more than 50,000 troops in a war that lasted about ten years and was called the Soviet Union’s Vietnam War. The Soviet withdrawal was an act of necessity and… oh surprise… not long afterwards the Soviet Union itself collapsed.

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