Sunday, 18 December 2011

2012: Is London getting ready for war? What kind of war?

2012: Is London getting ready for war? If so, what kind of war?

The announcement that there will be 45,000 Police officers and 13,500 troops in the London region, including helicopters, warplanes and naval units might sound reassuring but it also beggars the question: what are we preparing for?

A few days ago at a meeting in Tottenham, community leaders spoke about the Riots of 2012 during the Olympic Games. ‘What are you talking about?’ was Victoria Derbyshire’s question while presenting a BBC Radio 5 Live programme. This is a very worrying development. In the first instance, before the British Riots started in August 6th, 2011, Home Secretary Theresa May MP disregarded Police advice saying that her advisers were exaggerating and over-reacting when they were talking about the possibility of widespread riots.

Perhaps if Theresa May MP had listened to her advisers, we could have avoided the trail of destruction and murder that Britain had to confront in front of the entire World because as things were developing in Britain the images were being broadcast across the World. ‘Look at Britain! Look at what is happening in Britain’, people across the World were saying while the image of the country was being dragged through the mud.

The British Broadcasting Corporation tried to do damage limitation by saying that they were ‘English Riots’. Do you honestly believe that people outside Britain would think any differently? For people outside Britain, Britain is one country, despite the fact that the BBC and some political operators want to believe that it isn’t one country. If it happens in England, in Wales, in Scotland or in Northern Ireland, it happens in Britain.

Now, let me put you in the picture. What our authorities are doing right now is preparing to use troops to control civilians. I personally have some knowledge of what it means when the authorities try and use troops to control civilians and I don’t think that a British soldier would react any different from any other soldier if put in a stressful situation.

The mind frame of a civilian – a Police Officer is by definition a civilian – is quite different from the mind frame of a soldier. A soldier is not trained to deal with civilians and this is why using troops to control civilians should only be done in extreme situations when all other possibilities have been exhausted. Being prepared to act if Police forces are overwhelmed is not a bad option in itself, but it indicates that British authorities are already aware of Operational Command Deficiencies shown by British Police in August 2011 and they don’t want to take the risk when Britain will be the focus of the entire World during the Olympic Games.

British Police are so politicized and so concerned about political correctness that they catastrophically failed to act in August 2011 and in a quite a few cases they stood idle while people were forced to act in self-defence to protect their lives and their property. This is the reality and this is exactly what happened in August 2011 and what was reflected during a community meeting that took place in Tottenham and was broadcast live by BBC Radio 5.

The British National Party was there during the community meeting in Tottenham, we listened and this is why we are here, yet again, to tell you things as they are.

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