Sunday, 4 December 2011

Feltham BBC bias, muggings and youth murdered in East London

I arrived home yesterday after a day of campaigning in Feltham. We talked to everybody willing to listen to the message of the British National Party and we saw television cameras and journalists interviewing local candidates standing in the by-Election. Funnily enough, the British Broadcasting Corporation showed, once again, its political bias. Alan Fleming of the BBC interviewed only the Conservative candidate, the Labour Candidate, the Liberal Democrat Candidate and the UKIP Candidate whose party came second after the British National Party in the previous election.

The BBC didn't bother to contact our candidate Dave Furness and this speaks volumes about the policies of the British Broadcasting Corporation. As the British National Party London Regional Press Officer I contacted BBC News and I will continue fighting against BBC's political bias.

Having said that, as soon as I returned home, I was reminded of the realities of London. Last night, there were more muggings at knife point in Crystal Palace and a white 18-year-old was murdered by a black gang in East London, not that the BBC would make any issue out of it as biased as the BBC is against the indigenous population of Britain.

They will victimise young white mothers with small children, they will keep pushing down our throats violence against ethnic communities but they totally forget about widespread violence against whites in Britain. I wonder if the reason why the BBC does not talk about whites murdered by ethnic gangs in London is that there are so many that not having enough staff to cover every case of whites murdered on a daily basis the BBC just forgets about them altogether.

If there had been riots every time a white person is killed today there would be no British cities standing. All British cities would all have been burnt and destroyed a long time ago. After all, that is the excuse Ethnic community activitists use as justification every time tactics they go on the rampage.

I wrote to the Home Secretary Theresa May urging her to adopt a rational approach when dealing with expressions of anger that do not involve physical violence. The British people have a right to express their anger without getting involved in physical violence, after putting up with decades of violence carried out by aliens.

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