Tuesday, 29 April 2014

British Democracy: Banned candidates and censored Party Political Broadcasts?

The British National Party 2014 Election Broadcast by Lib Lab Con. They don't want you to hear what the British National Party really stands for.


This is no wonder in a country in which Ed Miliband, Labour Party Leader, wants to ban political candidates from taking part in political debates.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Geneva Agreement is just playing for time while armies get ready for war

Developments in Ukraine seem like a copy of the events leading to the Falklands Invasion of 1982. Firstly, the diplomatic rush to reach an agreement to tackle a political impasse. Agreement was reached regarding advanced elections that should have taken place in December 2014. The agreement lasted as long as Right Front was ready to take over.

Secondly, came the recent Geneva Agreement to put an end to skirmishes and avoid bloodshed. As soon as the agreement was reached Kiev forces were already marching towards Eastern Ukraine and the coup authorities in Kiev have already stated that military operations are under way and it all happened during Easter.

It will really surprise me if we don't an Europe-wide War before the end of 2014. The one thing I am not so sure is if the general public is aware of the potential consequences. As so called Anti-Semitic tendencies are on the rise across Europe, I have a feeling that this could lead to the real Holocaust in which any Muslim and any Jewish presence in Europe will be eradicated in the confusion of war.

Reading history we realize that the next war is somehow a continuation of the previous war, that World War Two was the direct consequences of issues generated at the end of World War One. The end of World War Two generated its own issues including the so called Final Solution that was left behind as unfinished business.

Paradoxically, in 2014 we are seeing huge similarities in terms of a financial crisis created by similar speculation to the one that led to the crisis of 1929. Ten years later, Europe was at war. 2006 - Financial crisis once again starting in the US and here we are discussing tensions leading to war in Europe.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Allegiance to Britain? What is Britain?

Political correctness has eroded national identity to the point that children born and bred in Britain have no allegiance to Britain and do not see themselves as British.

I see it as tragedy. My older children that went through the stages of primary and secondary education were never taught the National Anthem and were made to feel that the UK Flag is something to be ashamed of.

My youngest child going through primary education is having the same kind of experience of total absence of British Identity. This experience was almost a replica of something that happened when my wife and I decided that we would like them to be baptised in the Church of England. We took the first step and contacted the local church. To our amazement we saw that the representatives of the Church were not even reactive. They showed little interest in having them as members of the Church.

Well, if we keep going like this, the day might come when the United Kingdom finds itself facing a struggle for survival and very few will then stand up to defend it because the younger generations no longer see themselves as British.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

In India, Socialists justify killing women who are victims of rape

Indian Socialist Party - Mulayam Singh Yadav 
Indian politicians justify rape perpetrated against women and say that women who are raped should be punished following the teachings of Islam.

For us this comes as no surprise but it is still shocking and barbaric but it certainly follows the teaching of barbaric political doctrine called Islam.

It was reported that Mulayam Singh Yadav, head of the Socialist (Samajwadi) Party, commenting about a case involving three men sentenced to death for being involved in gang rapes, said that 'rape happens because women lead men on'.

Making matters worse, Mulayam Singh Yadav said that he would campaign to repeal a new law against repeat sex offenders 'because it was not uncommon for boys to make mistakes'.

In case you didn't notice this is the kind of 'Multiculturalism' being introduced in the United Kingdom where gang rape has becoming endemic perpetrated by Asian men who pray on boys and girls.

As if this wasn't enough, another speaker of the Indian Socialist Party - Abu Azmi - stated by women who have sex outside marriage 'should be punished by death even if they are raped as prescribed by Islam'.

Are people still wondering why we are against a degenerate and barbaric political ideology called Islam?

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Maria Miller is a crook that should have been fired and prosecuted

Maria Miller is a crook that should have been fired and prosecuted for fraud. Instead, she was allowed to resign and walk away with murder. In a country in which poor families and disabled people are being threatened with Bedroom Tax and maimed British soldiers are being denied financial support, high-flyers like Maria Miller are an infestation that needs to be eradicated.
Once again Prime Minister David Cameron has been tested and has failed miserably. How come such a weak and coward man can be leading the Government of the United Kingdom? Didn't the country and Parliament have enough with the so called Expenses Scandal? Didn't Parliament and the Government learn a lesson then? Corruption and most importantly the corruption that is hidden because 'one hand washes the other' have become endemic.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Europe is in very fluid state and many assumptions are being challenged

Europe is in very fluid state at the moment with many previous assumptions being challenged. Hungary - not Ukraine - is today the source of confrontation with EU Mandarins when after an election the ruling party got two thirds of the vote and Hungary officially stated that the will support the EU as long as National Interest is not threatened by EU Mandarins.

The Hungarian reactions come on top of other ongoing headaches including Greece, Italy, Spain and France plus the fabricated crisis in Ukraine. Summer is fast approaching and there will plenty of opportunity for riots across the European Union as the financial situations worsens. This is hardly an environment for understanding and stable alliances and talking about alliances the word NATO comes to mind with certain politicians saying that "this is the time to increase military expenditure" - something that even if it were possible would do nothing to improve the financial situation that could lead to more political and civil unrest.
What would happen if there is a surge of the old rivalries in Europe? You only need to look at what happened in the last hundred years to know what would be next.  

Friday, 4 April 2014

Ed Miliband wants to exclude Nigel Farage from election debates?

Nigel Farage should be excluded from TV election debates, says Ed Miliband

Labour leader calls for repeat of 2010 debates involving three main parties, saying: 'I am not that interested in Nigel Farage'.
The article published by The Guardian clearly shows the kind of Democracy in which we live when political parties are excluded from political debates. This is now new. Before 2012, during 2012 and after 2012, political parties have been excluded from political debates in the United Kingdom and this has been very much part of the role played by the BBC and by the so called Independent Mass Media that all play according to the same score.
The strategy is simple: if people only listen to the so called mainstream political parties, voters will not know what the other political parties really stand for and will continue supporting the same political crap represented by Lib Lab Con.
If we could organize a different political system in the United Kingdom that would include as votes the number of people who do not vote (about 60%) and if there could be a Non Vote Party the Non Vote Party would win the election.
People like Ed Miliband have degraded and devalued Democracy in the United Kingdom and somebody who talks about excluding people from Democratic Debates is not a Democrat.
Manipulated debates, manipulated mass media, excluded candidates and excluded political parties characterize elections in the United Kingdom.

Peter Mandelson - Director of Russian Defense Technology Company

I wonder if the US will put Lord Mandelson on "The List", together with other Russian personalities?

Have you heard Prime Minister David Cameron talk about it? Most probably not. Our Dear Prime Minister, very much in love with Double Standards like the idea of keeping a crook in the Cabinet, would certainly not like to attack a fellow Pro-EU politician like Lord Mandelson.

What happens then when we start talking about sanctions against Russia? Ooops!

From The Daily Telegraph:

Peter Mandelson has refused to defend his links to a Russian defence technology firm.

Lord Mandelson, the former Labour business secretary, faces calls to surrender his directorship at Sistema, a large Russian conglomerate. The post is thought to pay around £200,000 a year plus a share of profits.

Sistema is the majority shareholder in RTI, a defence technology company which produces radars and satellite communications. It has won major Russian state contracts to build a land-based missile early warning system, and provided IT for the Sochi Olympics.

RTI also produced video surveillance equipment for the 2012 presidential elections, which President Putin won amid complaints of fraud.

Lord Mandelson’s work for Sistema continues despite David Cameron putting all British arms exports and military co-operation with Russia under review with a presumption to suspend them, in the wake of the annexation of Crimea.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

US refuses to acknowledge legality of UK Referendum on Falkland Islands

A report of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons says that "We are disappointed that the US administration fails to give priority to the principle of self-determination in its position on sovereignty of the Falkland Islands".

On the 32nd anniversary of the Argentinian invasion supported by the United States of America that gave the green-light to the Head of the Military Junta of Argentina General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri to invade with the proviso that US companies would get oil contracts as soon as Argentina could secure control on the Falkland Islands, the Administration of Kenyan American President Barak Obama supports Argentina's claim.

The Foreign Affairs Committee in a 67-page report says that US plays both ways - yet more proof of US's hypocritical and biased attitude against Britain.

Well, the UK government has little to complain about when they refuse to accept the will of the people of Crimea that massively supported the move for independence and for re-joining Russia.