Friday, 4 April 2014

Ed Miliband wants to exclude Nigel Farage from election debates?

Nigel Farage should be excluded from TV election debates, says Ed Miliband

Labour leader calls for repeat of 2010 debates involving three main parties, saying: 'I am not that interested in Nigel Farage'.
The article published by The Guardian clearly shows the kind of Democracy in which we live when political parties are excluded from political debates. This is now new. Before 2012, during 2012 and after 2012, political parties have been excluded from political debates in the United Kingdom and this has been very much part of the role played by the BBC and by the so called Independent Mass Media that all play according to the same score.
The strategy is simple: if people only listen to the so called mainstream political parties, voters will not know what the other political parties really stand for and will continue supporting the same political crap represented by Lib Lab Con.
If we could organize a different political system in the United Kingdom that would include as votes the number of people who do not vote (about 60%) and if there could be a Non Vote Party the Non Vote Party would win the election.
People like Ed Miliband have degraded and devalued Democracy in the United Kingdom and somebody who talks about excluding people from Democratic Debates is not a Democrat.
Manipulated debates, manipulated mass media, excluded candidates and excluded political parties characterize elections in the United Kingdom.

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