Friday, 4 April 2014

Peter Mandelson - Director of Russian Defense Technology Company

I wonder if the US will put Lord Mandelson on "The List", together with other Russian personalities?

Have you heard Prime Minister David Cameron talk about it? Most probably not. Our Dear Prime Minister, very much in love with Double Standards like the idea of keeping a crook in the Cabinet, would certainly not like to attack a fellow Pro-EU politician like Lord Mandelson.

What happens then when we start talking about sanctions against Russia? Ooops!

From The Daily Telegraph:

Peter Mandelson has refused to defend his links to a Russian defence technology firm.

Lord Mandelson, the former Labour business secretary, faces calls to surrender his directorship at Sistema, a large Russian conglomerate. The post is thought to pay around £200,000 a year plus a share of profits.

Sistema is the majority shareholder in RTI, a defence technology company which produces radars and satellite communications. It has won major Russian state contracts to build a land-based missile early warning system, and provided IT for the Sochi Olympics.

RTI also produced video surveillance equipment for the 2012 presidential elections, which President Putin won amid complaints of fraud.

Lord Mandelson’s work for Sistema continues despite David Cameron putting all British arms exports and military co-operation with Russia under review with a presumption to suspend them, in the wake of the annexation of Crimea.

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