Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Allegiance to Britain? What is Britain?

Political correctness has eroded national identity to the point that children born and bred in Britain have no allegiance to Britain and do not see themselves as British.

I see it as tragedy. My older children that went through the stages of primary and secondary education were never taught the National Anthem and were made to feel that the UK Flag is something to be ashamed of.

My youngest child going through primary education is having the same kind of experience of total absence of British Identity. This experience was almost a replica of something that happened when my wife and I decided that we would like them to be baptised in the Church of England. We took the first step and contacted the local church. To our amazement we saw that the representatives of the Church were not even reactive. They showed little interest in having them as members of the Church.

Well, if we keep going like this, the day might come when the United Kingdom finds itself facing a struggle for survival and very few will then stand up to defend it because the younger generations no longer see themselves as British.


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