Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Official Statement on behalf of the London Regional Council

The British National Party's support for those who are being persecuted cannot always be made public but our authoritarian rulers should be left in no doubt that we are ready and willing to act in ways that they will certainly be made to regret.

This is a cause that unites all Nationalists. We are listening to all Nationalists and they all speak with one voice, the voice of British Nationalism. When the time is right, they will come together because this is a cause that is far more important than any ideological or personal differences.

Rest assured that support is being provided in person, face to face, by British National Party representatives and I say so without mentioning names in very delicate legal situations.

We are not resting. We are acutely aware that any public demonstration could prejudice ongoing cases, causing an adverse and very negative reaction against victims of persecution.

We know that all of you are well-meaning and can only have warmth in your hearts for those who are being persecuted. We are where we need to be, have contacted those who need to be contacted and will do our best towards a satisfactory outcome.

No names. No angry demonstrations. Be patient. We are here to help and we are helping. The bow is ready. The arrow is ready. The chord is being pulled back and when the time is right the arrow will strike.

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