Friday, 4 November 2011

Why is the Poppy under attack?

The Poppy is under attack from two quarters: Islamic operators and Left-Wing operators. Why? In the very same way that national flags, anthems and memorials are reminders of the existence of a national identity, the Poppy is very much the one poignant symbol of lives lost during wars fought for the Defence of the Realm and the Protection of British Interests.

What does the Poppy remind us of? The Cross. A Red Cross on a white background was the emblem of the Crusaders that fell in the Middle East and Asia Minor in the Defense of the Blood of Christ and of Jerusalem. A Red Cross also happens to be the flag of England.

Islamic Extremists hate the Poppy because they hate the Cross, symbol of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the Unity of the Cross, now also represented by the Poppy, we stand together against the Common Enemy.

They build Mosques and they take over Christian Temples, they burn the Poppy and they burn National Flags in an effort to desecrate everything that is Anathema to them. Their anger is not the anger due to something that is happening in our times. It is the anger of centuries of Islamic hatred against the Cross.

For many becoming independent was not nearly enough. They needed to travel to destroy their Ancestral Enemy and this is why they are coming by the hundreds of thousands. This is no mere immigration for financial reasons. Some liberal operators naively see it as 'Integration'. It is nothing of the sort. They are coming to destroy the Christendom.

For all Nationalists, of all party political allegiances, the Poppy is the symbol of identity and resistance to foreign invasion.

Carlos Cortiglia

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