Saturday, 12 November 2011

UK 1964 Orwellian Reality - Arrested for Maybe Crime

1964 Orwellian Reality is here. I am not talking about Islamic plotters wanting to blow up thousands of people in the London Underground. I am talking about ordinary citizens that want to remember and honour those who put their lives on the line of fire for Britain.
These ordinary citizens are usually corralled, harassed, beaten and arrested by zealots following orders of their politically correct masters.
I feel compelled to write about the victims of Police operations that very much remind us of the Eastern German Stasi. Never mind if you are not old enough to have known about the Stasi. To know about the Stasi you only need to witness the way some Police forces are operating in Britain to know how things were under Soviet Occupation in Eastern Germany.
I don’t need to use expletives or F words to show my anger. I reckon you have already sensed my anger and it is the kind of anger that I can only show writing.
Never mind if those being corralled, harassed, beater and arrested are not members of our organization. We stand up for the victims of the Police State that Britain has become.


  1. You didn't get rid of the Jews soon enough, and now they Gotcha. You can't even refer to them explicitly, even though it was the Jews who invented Marxism, the Jews who carried out the Bolshevik Revolution, the Jews who comprised about 80% of the Soviet Politburo, and the Jews who oppressed Eastern Europe (sometimes through gentile front men).

    Here in the United States, we can still identify them, because while they have hijacked our country's media and its banking system, they have not yet completely destroyed the written protection for free speech in our constitution. When Jews are around, you can't leave such protection implicit in tradition, because tradition is something that Jews are very good at tearing down and changing to suit themselves.

    Now you British have no choice except to break the laws in order to restore the laws to the character that they ought to have. It's called revolution, and it is a bloody business involving a certain amount of killing which, until you have won, will be described with nasty words like murder, assassination, terrorism, and so on.

  2. What I means is, if the police are treating you as though you were dangerous rebels, then perhaps the right thing for you to do is BECOME A DANGEROUS REBEL. Obedience to the laws is usually a good thing, but it is never the best thing, since defending your people from danger is always better than defending a civil authority, especially when that civil authority has become dangerous.

    Rebellion is a right. Rebellion against tyranny is a duty. Formerly British people have successfully overthrown their lawful government before; it has been done. It can be done again, if you won't shirk the task. If you are successful, all the criticism against you will fade away and the trumpets of glory will sound for the new national heroes of Britain. It's getting through the revolution that's the hard part.

  3. It is only common sense that anyone abused by the state should immediately become an enemy of the state. Let it be so, since otherwise he becomes a slave of the state.

  4. The problem started under the Labour government when bit by bit they introduced legislation to stop war protesters. After that, the whole thing escalated with the pretext of 'fighting terrorism'. Today, Police officers, that most of the time do not have a clue about what their legal powers really are, end up breaking the law. Sooner than later, violence erupts and brutal repression follows.

    The principle is pretty clear: somebody who has not committed a crime should have nothing to fear. Unfortunately, people are being atttacked because 'possibly, maybe, potentially' they could commit a crime.