Wednesday, 9 November 2011

EU is good for Britain or isn't it?

Looking at the balance of payments between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the figures indicate that we buy more and sell less. In other words, it indicates that the relationship is biased in favour of Europe and against British interests.

If this wasn't enough, Britain pays every year billions of Pounds to finance the European Union. Now, on top of everything else, Britain is having to pay even more money to keep the EURO alive and this regardless of not having joined the EURO.

But there is even more. We have to take onboard the rules of the European Union and follow the dictats of the European Commission and of the European Parliament.

Britain does not control its borders and British resources are being managed by the European Union. But there is even more. Contracts that should be awarded to British companies to create jobs in Britain are being awarded to European companies that usually bring their own staff and pay taxes somewhere else.

And there is even more. Because Britain does not control its borders, other European Union countries can afford to show themselves as Humanitarian by accepting people coming from outside the European Union because sooner than later they can download them in Britain.

After the Greek tragedy comes the Italian tragedy. Who is doing all the running to save the EURO? Eurosceptic George Osborne MP that happens to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer. So we finance the European Union as a whole and now we are adding additional funding for Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Italy and sooner than later we are going to send money to the European Union using the International Monetary Fund.

Today, we had people marching in London against budget cuts. Unfortunately, the same people will not be marching against the ones who are really draining British resources and forcing us to implement budget cuts.

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