Friday, 18 November 2011

Remember Yugoslavia and beware

It is human nature to pretend that what happened to others will not happen to us, that we are some sort of special beings with supernatural powers that can remain oblivious to what happens to others. It is funny - funny not in the amusing sense - to hear John Cleese say that he prefers Bath to London because 'London is no longer an English city'.

Manuel from Barcelona lives in London and he can tell you that what happened to London will happen to Bath and to every other British city sooner than later.

Those who live in rural areas of the Green and Pleasant Land where Jerusalem is supposed to be built will discover sooner than later that they themselves are no special beings with supernatural powers when housing estates start rising until the typical rural village communities are no more.

In the very same way Croydon was built, there will be other Croydons near you and in spite of you. So you better start listening now and more than listening it is time to act. I reckon many of you already know what is coming and some of you might be planning to buy some property in Spain or elsewhere.

As they say, you can run but you cannot hide. Wherever you go, wherever you choose to hide, reality will soon catch up with you. It is better to stand up when you are still surrounded by your own people instead of having to live like a gypsy or being discriminateg against in your own country.

Here in London we are standing up for the whole of Britain. If you are coming from the North of the country and you see what is happening in London, I am sure you will understand that, while many of you are relatively living in some sort of paradise, London is an increasingly hostile alien land.

Any General will tell you that the way a battle is fought very much depends on the landscape of the battlefield. While conditions in the North are much more favourable in political terms, in the South things are less than favourable.

This is why London tells you that we need every region of the country coming together as one to support London. If we stand divided in the heat of battle, London will be lost and if London is lost... well... I don't need to tell you what is going to happen next.

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