Tuesday, 29 November 2011

When the right to be angry is not even a right

The country is falling apart with crippling unemployment and endless flood immigration. We live inside a pressure cooking pan. It is boiling and boiling and it is going to explode.

In next year's riots, during the Olympic Games, Police forces whose manpower is going to be concentrated in and around the Olympic venues will not be available to secure the remaining areas of London.
Next year riots? How come? Well, the threat came loud and clear during a recent meeting in Tottenham, convened to talk about this year's riots.
With one law after another, the Politically Correct Society has contributed to stifle our freedoms to even say that we are angry and anger is growing like a gigantic bubble ready to burst.
In a Britain divided across ethnic and religious boundaries, public safety will be no more than a relative concept.

Entire areas of London have become no go areas and bottled anger is making things a lot worse than things could be if people had the freedom of  being able to vocally express their anger.

Every time somebody is made a martyr, violence follows. It has happened quite a few times but the so called authorities are unwilling or mentally incapable of learning the lesson and those in charge of making laws or enforcing laws are oblivious to the dangers of stopping people from expressing their feelings and their frustration with words.
Words don’t cause major damage. Physical violence causes major damage. For many days, Britain was on fire, people lost their lives and homes and businesses were reduced to ashes.

Allow people to be human beings; allow people to shout their frustration, their anger, their lack of satisfaction.

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