Monday, 7 November 2011

Pro-Europeans fail to see that all British monies come from the same pocket

When people march in the streets and protest against budget cuts, do they think about the monies sent to European countries and to the European Union as a whole?

On Wednesday, this week, there is a planned march to complain about budget cuts. What about the monies given to Ireland, Spain, Greece, Italy and other European countries? If we did not throw away monies, we could have less budget cuts or no budget cuts at all. This is the reality. All monies spent or thrown away are British taxpayers' monies.

We cannot give away money and then ask that the same money that we give away be invested in Britain. If we give away money, the said money is not going to be used to reduce British deficits or to cut the volume of public debt.

Any professor of economics will tell you that the value of any currency is its speed of circulation. So, there is no point in printing 275 billion Pound and then leave such enormous amount in storage. It does not create jobs that we badly need and therefore it doesn't re-activate the economy. If it does not create jobs, it does not generate tax revenues for the Inland Revenue.

The whole economic policy is a very sad joke because the country is being run by individuals that are throwing away the resources that should be invested in Britain.

Britain does not have a bad Government. Britain doesn't have a Government. Did Cameron oppose a Referendum on Europe because David Cameron did not want a Referendum on Europe or was David Cameron told not to allow a Referendum on Europe?

Having seen the Greek fiasco, the Conservative Party Leader's behaviour generates more questions than answers.

If we really want British jobs, we must stop giving money away and we must control our borders. At the moment, the news is that as a country we are going exactly in the opposite direction. Lets wait and see how much Britain will have to pay for Italy.


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