Sunday, 20 November 2011

Harassment and intimidation lead to Extremism

Political activitists that try and do what should be absolutely legal and acceptable in a Democracy are well aware of Police threats, harassment and intimidation. Paradoxically, by repressing Democrats, Police forces are encouraging and promoting Extremists that do not hesitate in attacking those they consider to be enemies of their cause.

I have no qualms in also blaming some politicians, the Trade Unions and many others in the mass media because they have indefatigably promoted extremism by attacking political parties that have democratically elected representatives.

Sooner than later, some politicians, Trade Unions and Journalists are going to be attacked and the said politicians, Trade Unions and Journalists will be responsible of their own demise. Some lessons are never learnt. They cannot understand that threats, harassment and intimidation should not be used in a Democracy.

Democracy is about peaceful campaigning, about meetings to discuss public issues, about leaftleting and taking part in elections by democratic means. People should not be threatened, thrown out of the jobs and discriminated against because of their political beliefs.

Threats, harassment, intimidation and discrimination will sooner than later lead to loss of life.

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