Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Big Society? What about love for Homeland and Democracy?

I am fascinated by the creativity of the Conservative Party. In the 1990s, the Conservatives created "Back to Basics" under John Major. After a series of scandals, they abandoned "Back to Basics". That was a long time before the Duck Houses, false mortgages and other events that engulfed the Houses of Parliament and the political class.

Now, in the new Conservative Era, David Cameron talks about "Big Society" and we all wonder about the meaning of "Big Society". Instead of talking about Big Society, I do prefer to talk about "Love for Thy Country." There is nothing racist about it. It is just a better definition of Big Society.
Love for your country means love for your people and this means that you will look for every opportunity to give your people a voice, that you will stand for the rights of your people and that your people's voice will be more important than the interests of unelected foreign officials running the European Union.

So the British National Party's version of Big Society is much better than the definition chosen by David Cameron. I would go even further: the British National Party is the best version of a truer Conservative Party.
Now, thinking about the Labour Party and about the New Labour Party, I would have thought that the mission of a Labour Party was to protect the interests of British workers. Wasn't this the reason that led to the creation of the Labour Party? Instead, they promote flood immigration and Globalisation that destroy British jobs.

So the British National Party's version of 'Workers' Party' is much better than the definition chosen by present Labour leaders. I would go even further: the British National Party is the best version of a truer Labour Party.
The British National Party wants to give the British people a voice and wants to protect the interests of British workers by putting an end to flood immigration. I don't suppose that anybody would want to call such genuine concerns racist. Well, mmm... you know.... yes, they call us racists because we stand for what are the rightful interests of the British people.

You can choose to talk about UKIP, the Green Party and others and in the end the British National Party stands as a more balanced and more rational way of doing things. I keep remind people of what David Cameron said when he stated that the British National Party is a right-wing party. A fellow Conservative that nowadays seems to back up more UKIP policies than Conservative Party policies, Norman Tebbit, said that the British National Party is a left-wing party. I jokingly said that we must be somewhere in the middle.
I have been there and I heard it. I do remember William Waldegrave, when Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 1994 under John Major, was constantly told by Labour MPs that the Conservative government should renegotiate the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP and the terms of engagement with Europe because the CAP and the terms of engagement with Europe were, in Labour's eyes, too favourable to Europe.

In 1997, after a historic Electoral win, the same Labour MPs completely forgot their urge to renegotiate the CAP and the terms of engagement with Europe and set about pleasing Europe and giving away more and more powers to Europe.
Short-termism and short-lived memory seem to be the rule rather than the exception when it comes to the so called mainstream political parties. In 1979, Margaret Thatcher came to power saying that she was going to take care of excessive immigration. Therefore, this is not news at all. For my part, I am old enough and therefore I do remember many of the things that have happened and have examples to back up what I am saying.

Times change but the subjects are very much the same: immigration, housing, education, health, crime, transport, manufacturing or the lack of it, energy, pensions et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. 1979-2011: more than 30 years of unfulfilled promises. Many problems have become endemic and the country has been flooded.
What needs to happen for ordinary citizens to wake up and to stop supporting those who have destroyed Britain? I really don't know. I don't have the crystal ball to provide me the answers. There is one thing I know. If Germany falters - the signs are there for all those who want to see - the political realities of Britain will change dramatically. As a country, we are walking on thin ice and, as the old certainties vanish, Britain will collectively be forced to reassess its priorities.

The political landscape is changing. Relationships and roles of the mass media are changing. The realities of the Trade Unions are changing. All of these factors combined with new financial realities and flood immigration will produce a new kind of country.
Britain has been a Democracy for a long time. Having said that, when the so called experts indicate that it is wise to allow unelected technocrats "to come forward to put things right", the future of Democracy is very much in danger.

A modern Democracy is about to be replaced by Plato's Republic. The way to Hell is paved with good intentions. In theory, the wise men, the philosopher-kings that run the Good City, are knowledgeable, selfish and dedicated to the common good. Unfortunately, we still need to deal with Human Nature and we know that Aristocratic rule, without checks and balances, quickly becomes tyranny.
Carlos Cortiglia

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