Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More and more youngsters wasted

The announcement today that once again youth unemployment has risen should not take anybody by surprise. The so called mainstream political parties keep sending money to Europe as if there was no tomorrow and jobs are not being created in enough numbers in the United Kingdom. The lights are being switched off and for more than 1.2 million youngsters, empty handed and with little to do, it is going to be a very long winter.

While this is happening we hear that demonstrators have been given notice to move out of the areas they occupied to protest about the financial state of affairs that is fuelling resentment across the country.

We know what the problem is. The problem is the set of policies implemented by the so called mainstream political parties. If the problem was created politically, it must be solved politically.

We cannot go on implementing policies that sound good but are totally unrealistic. Asking thousands upon thousands of working men and women to throw away their vehicles because of green regulations is not the answer. Increasing fuel tax is not the answer. Increasing congestion charges is not the answer. Raising travelling fares is not the answer.

We need a country in which the cost of going to work and the cost of travelling are lower and we can only lower the cost of going to work and the cost of travelling if we stop giving money away to foreign countries. Britain is importing more from and exporting less to Europe. Our balance of payments is negative. We are de facto subsidizing jobs in Europe while unemployment is crippling Britain.

Many budget cuts could be reversed and we could give hope to more and more people in Britain. Our public services should not be dismantled to serve Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Italy and many others. What is happening is an outrage that should be rejected by people right, centre and left of the political spectrum. This is a national issue.

This is the Battle of Britain all over again. This is the Battle for British Jobs.

Carlos Cortiglia  

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