Thursday, 17 November 2011

Another classic: Germany Vs Britain

When Chancellor Angela Merkel representing Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland meets Prime Minister David Cameron representing the United Kingdom it will be another case of Deutschland Uber Alles against common sense.
Trying to reform the Euro Strategy creating a three-speed European Union means reforming the European Treaty that holds the European Union together and intrinsically means for Britain to have a Referendum on Europe because this is what David Cameron and the Conservative Party promised. Any significant changes should be ratified or rejected by British people.
Will, once again, the British people be denied a Referendum? The Greeks have now a puppet un-elected Prime Minister. If David Cameron, once again, short-changes the British people he will be a de-facto puppet illegitimate Prime Minister. Let us remember that David Cameron is not the elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He is Prime Minister as a result of a negotiation between two political parties that did not win an outright majority in the 2010 General Election. So there are quite a few similarities between David Cameron and the so called present Greek Prime Minister.
If the Conservative MPs that stood against David Cameron on the issue of a Referendum on Europe decided to leave the Conservative Party, the present Coalition would fall and we would have a General Election. The question as always is: would Conservative MPs have the guts to stand up for what they believe and make the ultimate political sacrifice?
Another tax on every financial transaction requested by the German government would sink the British economy. As if the existing income tax levels were not enough, the tax requested by the German government would be a tax on tax, taxing people on monies that have already been taxed. For us, this would be nothing new because taxes like the Congestion Charge are taxes applied to services that have already been taxed but this particular new tax requested by Germany will end up destroying the City.
We lost farming, we lost fisheries, we lost manufacturing, we lost political freedoms and now we are about to lose everything else to keep the Euro Nightmare alive. If Germany gets away with murder, we will have effectively become a German colony very much like Greece.
One wonders about the overall political plan of the so called mainstream political parties. Is their agenda the total surrender of British independence? They weaken the country by eroding it with flood immigration. They destroy the will to resist. Once the country has been weakened to the point that it is unable to be united against foreign domination, they take the next step that is to surrender political independence.
Once political independence is lost, the Houses of Parliament could be converted into a museum and it wouldn't make a heck of a difference because real decisions would be taken elsewhere - not in Brussels - but in Berlin. The European Union might appear to be the Union of twenty or so countries. Funnily enough, in the last few days only two names have mattered: Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy. Finally, the comments have been 'if Angela Merkel does this and if Angela Merkel does that'.
The financial Blitzkrieg has been so fast that most people across Europe have not even had the time to react. While many might be thinking about 2015, the fate of the United Kingdom is being determined right now in Berlin.

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