Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Greece will have a Referendum on the Euro Aid Package

Just a few days ago, once again, Parliament denied the British people a Referendum on Europe despite the promises made by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.
Today, we learn that the Greek government has called for a Referendum to ask the Greek people if they accept or reject the aid package negotiated by the European Union.
Now, let’s compare the two realities: the Greek government is not afraid of asking its own people about an aid package that will literally mean that Greece will no longer be an independent country and will be run by European Union officials and officials of the International Monetary Fund that will be based in Athens. At the same time, the British government is so afraid of British public opinion that they are willing to continue making false promises.
Well, Democracy started in Greece. We want a Referendum. People who are for the European Union and people who are against the European Union want a Referendum. Why? They want a Referendum because only those who believe that they can have the British people behind them want a Referendum.
Let’s wait and see the reaction of Angela Merkel and of Nicholas Sarkozy listening to the Greek news. Will they behave as Democratic leaders or will they criticize the Greek government for being loyal to the Greek people?

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