Monday, 31 October 2011

Anti-Capitalism protests or frontal attack against Church of England?

Who chose the location of the anti-Capitalist camps and why?

Is St Paul’s Cathedral the target of a premeditated attack against the Church of England? What started as an anti-Capitalist protest is looking very much like something completely different. Things are starting to look very much as a pre-planned attack against the Church of England.

Every pillar of society as we know it is under attack. The Church of England is inextricably linked to the British State as there is no separation between Church and State and the Monarchy is part of the whole edifice of British Society. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is very much the focal point.

We all agree that the financial sector needs to be reformed. This is turning to be a lot more than the expression of the need for reform of the financial sector. Those leading the protesters have a much wider political agenda that many of those involved in the protests might not be aware of.

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