Monday, 10 October 2011

A witness that accuses herself in front of BBC cameras

Like many of you, I am always in Search of the Light and going in search of the light I came across a report about one of the BBC television stars that in her own words confesses that she was involved in crime. She is married to a guy called Alex Thomas and I will mention him a bit later. Marion Thomas's sister is married to a certain Scottish guy that I don't dare to mention. Be patient! All will be revealed.

What is Marion Thomas's interest in appearing in front of BBC television cameras to accuse herself of fraud? She says that she 'was forced to sign invoices'. How did it happen? Did somebody put a gun to her head? Was she physically threatened to do so? The answer is plain and simple. She is saying that she committed a crime.

If she actually unduly signed any invoices, she has now confessed in front of BBC television cameras and I reckon Police authorities should knock at Marion Thomas's door. If she unduly signed invoices, she has serious questions to answer and the Crown Prosecution Service should hold her to account.

If she knew of a crime and she didn't report it, she therefore was involved in criminal activity. Whatever the case, she put herself under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Marion Thomas is linked with Solas and her husband is none other than Alex Thomas, chair of Solas. Solas is a Northern Ireland Charity that has been siphoning money from the European Union. The BBC couldn't get a better witness. The BBC contacted Al Capone looking for a witness regarding Maffia activities.

Even by BBC standards this looks like the jewel in the Crown. Trying to damage the reputation of the British National Party, she has killed her own reputation and her husband's reputation.


  1. Very good point. It just shows that her leaving the BNP was a good thing then because to willingly commit fraud puts the partys reputation at risk, further. No one can be entirely sure what happened in regards to her reasons because she is obviously a rival and will be willing to slander but a confession of doing this is a reason as good as any to have action taken against her.

  2. I hope she enjoys her spell in prison...Donna