Monday, 10 October 2011

What the BBC does not tell you about Marion Thomas

Solas NI is also the company that built up £50,000 of debt to the Royal Mail and are now trying to dump said debt onto our Chairman personally.

It is of great interest also that Mr Jefferson had to travel to Northern Ireland to complete the 2010 GE return as Marion had all the files and did not send them or help the auditor in said return.

Mr Jefferson also made 4 calls to the auditor and three to the Electoral Commission on the day he filled in the returns saying that he had no bank statements or cheque book stubs to verify the invoices he had been presented with by Marion Thomas and the return Mr Jefferson submitted was totally qualified and contained a letter saying that I had no way of verifying the accuracy of the information I had been presented with and therefore did a return bases on information given to me but I could not say that it was correct.

The Electoral Commission had a complaint from Mrs Thomas several months after submission (IE when she was made redundant and her brother in law lost his fund raising contract with us), they looked at said complaint and have judged no breach of regulations occurred.

This "story" played out to conclusion 6 months ago!

Mrs Thomas is also trying for an employment tribunal claim against the party and made no mention of this claim to said tribunal or to anyone at the time and for many months after.
Clive Jefferson

The above references indicate that Marion Thomas was actually the person that - for reasons that need to be investigated - failed to present information she was legally required to present, that she is linked via her husband to a pseudo charitable organization with extremely dubious credentials. In legal terms, this is something barristers are extremely familiar with and has to do with the reliability of a witness that is herself involved and has many cases to answer for.

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