Thursday, 20 October 2011

Local Elections are not properly announced. Why?

It has come to our attention that nowadays voters are not properly told about coming local elections and that tens of thousands might not even be aware of local elections taking place. The first question that comes to mind is "Why?"

One election after another, the usual commentary is that people are abstaining and that people are not willing to come out and vote. The first question is followed by another question: Is there an agenda, a premeditated attempt to control the outcome of local elections by keeping local elections 'hush-hush'?

When Postal Ballots became a feature of elections across the United Kingdom, the declared aim was to increase turn out. Unfortunately, Postal Ballots could now be used to manipulate the outcome of elections.

By simply not telling the general public that there is going to be an election and having a certain number of Postal Ballots 'in the pocket', political organizations could be determining in advance the outcome of any given local election.

There is a huge difference between Safe Seat and Rotten Seat (Seat where Electoral outcomes are the result of manipulation).


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