Thursday, 20 October 2011

Neo Marxists, Greens and the Rule of Law

Jenny Jones supports squatters and Billy Bragg supports Irish Travelers that are illegal occupiers and they both support flood immigration. Suddenly, we see that a common thread emerges and they both seem very much involved in a confrontation with Capitalism.

At a time when Rio Tinto, a mining giant, indicates that more than 80 countries are developing new coal fired stations and coal production rather than falling is increasing across the world, the Green Movement tries to deter developed countries from using coal in energy production thus making the economies of developed countries uncompetitive and generating mass unemployment.

Who benefits from Green Party policies? Communist China. The ANC, the ruling party of South Africa's strong links with Communist China led to the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, to be denied a visa to enter South Africa for the celebrations of the Eightieth Anniversary of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

A journalist while presumably congratulating the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters couldn’t help saying ‘what do they want’? They talk about ‘Power to the People’ without thinking about what they are really saying. It becomes a political muddle, all those who have something they want to complain about join forces and go into the streets to show their discontent without really knowing where they are going. For a while, they have the feeling of belonging to something worthwhile.

Although those who participate in these street gatherings don’t have a common purpose, the promoters of these mass gatherings have a political agenda of their own which is political destabilization. This is chaos as ideological strategy.

Never mind if Irish Travelers are illegal occupiers of Dale Farm. Suddenly, people who had been gathered near Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London went across the country to lend their support to Irish Travelers and got involved in violence against Police forces trying to enforce the Rule of Law.

For these operators, anything that can destabilize society is a worthwhile cause. There objective is not to help the environment. Their objective is not to help fellow citizens. Their objective is to convince everybody showing them that ‘Marxism is the only way forward’ and Marxism is exactly what they mean by ‘Power to the People’.

If Green taxes go up making businesses uncompetitive, more and more people will be unemployed and this can only benefit Marxist operators than will then use unemployment numbers to justify their political actions to destroy Western economies and their political systems.

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