Monday, 17 October 2011

Billy Bragg turns against Capitalism?

When millionaire Billy Bragg turns out in the City of London and campaigns against Capitalism you know there is something wrong... in Billy Bragg's head that is. It is a bit like a 750,000 Pound a year BBC presenter complaining about fat cats and those who get higher salaries.

They complain about bankers and they complain about unemployment in the United Kingdom. Let’s look at the facts.

How many of those "complaining" are Labour's core supporters? Well, it was the Labour Party that went to bed with the bankers and brought in not less than 2.5 million immigrants.

How many of those "complaining" are actual supporters of Globalisation that exported jobs away from Britain and support "Positive Discrimination" that discriminates against the British people?

Some sectors of the mass media support Globalisation and flood immigration that destroy jobs in Britain, reduce tax revenues, erode the British economy and by eroding economic activity they reduce advertising revenues and therefore lead to mass media staff being laid off.

And what do the idiots do? They attack the British National Party, the one political party that says NO to Globalisation, NO to flood immigration, NO to Positive Discrimination and YES to jobs for the British people.

As Giuseppe De Santis reports on a regular basis, the very same people in the mass media who attack the British National Party are losing their jobs. What will the National Union of Journalists do for those who are losing their jobs? For the journalists, the NUJ will do absolutely nothing, but rest assured that the NUJ will continue giving money to the Labour Party that created the financial mess that we are in with the support of the vast majority of today’s protestors.

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