Thursday, 13 October 2011

Greek Tragedy or Greek Comedy?

As months go by, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund have transformed a critical financial situation into a paradise for speculators. I wonder how much money speculators are making by gambling in the stock markets. One day the value of shares go up exponentially and the next day the value of shares go down exponentially.

I wonder who are the winners. Who has the inside information to know when an agreement of some kind is reached followed by a rise of share values? Does anybody want kill the Greek golden goose? For as long as there isn't any definition, the speculation circus will continue.

This is a bit like war. Without war or conflicts of some kind, there is no market for weapons. So they have to keep war and conflicts going so that there is always demand for weapons. I reckon the situation in Greece is advantageous for many of those who have the necessary capital to gamble in the stocks markets.

In the meantime more and more people are out of work and we are heading straight towards a Depression. If there is a Depression, sooner than later, countries will become politically unstable and when countries become politically unstable, sooner than later, we will be heading towards major conflicts. With major conflicts, the weapons factories will be, once again, extremely busy.

Speculators are a bit like Dick Cheney, now former American President Dick Cheney. They want war and destruction so that they can get 'reconstruction contracts'.

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