Friday, 14 October 2011

Sonia Hochfelder - From racial-nationalist to...

Sonia Hochfelder was said to be "very popular" with leading members of the so called "Extreme Right" that she now so fervently criticizes. She used to write articles for League Review, a journal of the League of Saint George, an organisation that Mr. Gerry Gable is reported to have branded Nazi.
Mr. Gerry Gable was quick to explain this serious contradiction saying that she was a 'left-wing mole' and as it comes she is said to have been "handled" simultaneously by members of the magazine she now writes articles for, while also been "handled" by prominent members of a given Nationalist Party.
So that we can properly understand the meaning of being "very popular" and "handled", it must be said that one of the principles of Communism is that you must be willing to "share everything".   
Despite the fact of having a Jewish father, Sonia Hochfelder is not actually Jewish because her mother was not Jewish. In the Jewish tradition you can only be genuinely Jewish if your mother is Jewish and her mother wasn't actually Jewish.
Having clarified this point, it must be said that Sonia Hochfelder was in fact a "dedicated" racial-nationalist.

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