Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Demokrats: Milliband Cameron Clegg

Yesterday evening, the masks fell to the ground: Ed Milliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg showed their true colours. They are afraid of the British people and they decided to go against a motion calling for a Referendum on Europe. Now, you need to ask yourselves: are these the kind of people you want to run the country?

If they want the United States of Europe, at least they should have the decency to stand for Democracy and allow the British people to have a voice.

Ed Milliband, Leader of a Labour Party that in 1997 promised a Referendum on Europe.

David Cameron, the Leader of a Conservative Party that in 2010 promised a Referendum on Europe.

Nick Clegg, the Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party that has never wanted to question Europe on anything and always findso justify the unjustifiable.

The three of them are constably showing their faces on television asking for Democracy in the Arab World and taking about getting rid of Dictators. Mmmm..... mmmmm and more mmmmmm.

David Cameron and Ed Milliband threatened their own MPs and tried to gag them using a three-line-whip.

These are the men that are borrowing money and giving it away sending it to the other European Union countries, including Ireland, Portugal and Greece. They borrow to give away and if this was not enough they support printing more worthless banknotes while imposing dramatic budget cuts that are destroying families in Britain.

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