Thursday, 27 October 2011

Foreign officials replace Greek government

A financial Wermacht will take over the running of Greece. It has been decreed that foreign officials will run the Greek economy 'permanently and on the ground'.  They will be established in Athens to 'ensure the timely and full implementation of the reforms' and this has been done 'to prevent the dreaded contagion spreading in the debt markets'. Financial matters will no longer be in the hands of the Greek people. Greece has officially been placed 'under administration'.

This is a sad end for Democracy in Greece. From now on, the Greek people will elect decorative governments because Greek affairs will be effectively determined and managed by foreign unelected officials.

They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Greece joined the European Union as a proud nation and member of the European family. Greece has ended up as a foreign colony.

David Cameron talks about bringing back political powers that have been surrendered to the European Union. Will he bring political powers back to the elected authorities in Britain or will he act merely as the Head of a decorative government putting Britain ‘under foreign administration’?    

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