Sunday, 6 November 2011

Gerry Gable fires Nick Lowles?

After Gerry Gable sacked Nick Lowles and replaced him by appointing Sonia Gable as his own deputy editor of his magazine that has gone from colour to black and white format (perhaps due to financial problems?), Nick Lowles appears as head of Hatred, Not Hope.

In one of his writings, misguided as usual, Nick Lowles seems confused about the issue of the Poppy, that he seems to believe belongs to a single political organization. One wonders where Nick Lowles has been since he was born. The Poppy, as we all know, is a cherished symbol for all Nationalists and does not belong to any one of them in particular.

The Poppy is a National symbol and both Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons as Members of the European Parliament representing Britain want to protect the Poppy. This is the one issue that truly unites all Nationalists despite ideological or personal differences and, once again, Nick Lowles has miserably failed to grasp the concept of what it means to be a Nationalist.

Nationalists might disagree with each other on nuances or ways of achieving our aims but when it counts we will all stand together, shoulder to shoulder, for the greater cause. Our werewolves are not somebody else's werewolves. They are our werewolves because they are Nationalist werewolves and I cherish them despite all their criticisms and Nick Lowles can go and think again.

My advice to Nick Lowles would be to go and ask all Nationalists inside and outside the British National Party what they feel about the Poppy. All Nationalists, inside and outside the British National Party stand for the Poppy.

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  1. Well said. Good luck and best wishes for the London campaign.