Thursday, 22 August 2013

One in ten legal court cases in the UK is about non payment of TV Licence

I find extraordinary the news that one in ten of all court cases in the United Kingdom involve non payment of TV Licence and the number of prosecution now totals more than 180,000 cases. Can you even start to imagine the cost of taking 180,000 people to court?

The maximum penalty for not payment the TV Licence is £1,000 but non payment once you are found guilty can lead to a prison sentence. Now, let's make a few calculations. The presumed maximum amount of money or income to be perceived is £1,000. Does anybody know the cost of taking somebody to court? Pause and think: judges, solicitors and barristers, clerks, paperwork, et cetera, et cetera. If somebody is sent to jail, how much is there to be paid to keep somebody in jail?

I don't know the particular costs involved in every case but we are talking about more than a 180 thousand cases every year and rising.

Taking all this into account that prosecutions for non payment of TV Licence the foundations of an industry involving all kinds of people.

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