Tuesday, 17 September 2013

David Cameron and the 'Syrian Holocaust'

Reading the first page of the Metro newspaper I had an intellectual orgasm when I saw the headline 'Cameron: Syria is a holocaust in waiting'. I had to pinch myself to believe that it was true. Apparently, according to the Metro newspaper, Mr. Cameron told guests at a charity dinner that the lessons of the Holocaust must never be forgotten'. Mr.Cameron reportedly added that 'When we look back at Srebrenica and Rwanda, we wonder now why we didn't do more at the time.'

Well, talking specifically about Srebrenica and Rwanda, the problem is that they Western Powers had done too much creating the roots of what led to Srebrenica and Rwanda. With regards to Yugoslavia, the partition of Yugoslavia was promoted by Western Powers as a way to weaken its former adversaries following a very clear political agenda. With regards to Rwanda, Western Powers portioned Africa ignoring tribal and ethnic realities and this lead to widespread massacres. So, it is not the case that Western Powers did too little. Western Powers had done too much to destroy both Yugoslavia and Africa by creating artificial boundaries that best suited their own interests.

What amazes me, once again, that there has been no outcry on behalf of the Jewish Community regarding the use of the word Holocaust about which they claim to have copyrights. It seems that when political statements support the beginning of another military adventure in the Middle East there are no concerns about the use of the word Holocaust.

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