Friday, 27 September 2013

Greenpeace activists engage in acts of piracy

Trying to board a ship or an oil platform operating in accordance with International Law without due authorization of the Master (Captain) is an act of piracy. For too long, Greenpeace has been ignoring Maritime Regulations and International Law. There are acts of vandalism that go well beyond what would constitute lawful protest.

Trying to board a foreign oil platform is a lot more than piracy. We are talking about individuals that with complete and utter disregard for Maritime Regulations and International Law engage in activities that could potentially lead to a catastrophe when we are dealing with dangerous activities - oil exploration is a dangerous activity - and putting human lives in danger.

As somebody involved in Maritime Safety, I can say that what Greenpeace activists did is not just unlawful. If as consequence of their idiotic attempt to board an oil rig they had caused an explosion we could be talking about a major incident with many casualties.

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