Friday, 13 April 2012

One London for all Londoners

If we want to eliminate waste that leads to poverty, we must completely rethink the way London is run as a capital city. I believe that the remains of a feudal system with 33 different local authorities and added levels of bureaucracy translated into different planning process and different urban development realities is hampering the efforts made to create a better London.

Without a Master Plan for London to gather the strengths of thirty-three local authorities, we are going to continue seeing a growing gap that divides Londoners from each other and leads to lack of trust, confrontation and deprivation.

All London boroughs have the same right to better provision of services including transport, housing, policing, health and education. More and more people complain about the growing gap between rich and poor. The feudal ways in which London is run are very much one of the root causes of growing disparity between rich and poor.

One London for all Londoners.  

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