Friday, 13 April 2012

Britain creates Uruguay in 1828

Many people in Britain ask why a Uruguayan is standing as London Mayoral Candidate and they deserve an answer. I feel that the country where I was born has an enormous debt of gratitude. In fact, Uruguay owes its own existence to Britain. Without Britain, Uruguay would not be today an independent country. It goes without saying that I have been British since long before I was awarded British citizenship.

In 1828, what is today Argentina and what is today Brazil were fighting to control a territory that they considered to be theirs, despite the fact that the inhabitants of the said territory had their own traditions and had fought for many years to be an independent nation.

In 1828, Britain sent Lord John Ponsonby to arrange a settlement and the fundamental requirement for a settlement was that both Argentina and Brazil would recognize the right of those we call today Uruguayans to have their own independent country. With the Treaty of Montevideo negotiated by Britain, Uruguay became a free independent nation.

Today, I stand as a Candidate for the British National Party and I have said repeatedly that I want a British Britain, the Britain that created the country where I was born and the Britain that must be protected. British culture, British language and British institutions and traditions are very dear to me as they were to the Uruguayans who, thanks to Britain, after so many sufferings, got the right to call themselves Uruguayans.

So now you know why a British Citizen born in Uruguay is ready and willing to stand up for Britain.

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