Sunday, 19 November 2017

Political Persecution in the United Kingdom

Jayda Franzen
Political Persecution in the United Kingdom

Whether you agree or disagree with somebody on political grounds, you need to be able to discern that the only guarantee for all is the fact that people of different persuasions can express their views freely without fear of persecution. Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, Freedom of Speech is just words. There is no Freedom of Speech.

Police Forces in the United Kingdom are actively engaged in Political Persecution. Things are going in the wrong direction and Political Persecution is already costing human lives. Paul Hickman took his own life when facing an unfair trial after he was was arrested for distributing campaign material. Jack Renshaw is facing the courts and it is due to appear on January 2nd, 2018 to learn about his fate after he was arrested because legislation meant to be used against Terrorism is being used for political purposes.

When I have many reasons to worry about what is happening in Germany it seems that Britain is fast advancing towards becoming a Totalitarian State.

Jayda Franzen was arrested in Bromley, South London, and taken by air to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to face interrogation because she made a speech against Terrorism in Northern Ireland.

The concern is that as Democratic individuals are persecuted this will lead to youngsters joining other organisations that will engage in direct action against the Political Establishment and more cases like the case of Jo Cox MP will follow. When more and more people no longer feel that they live in a Democratic State, the potential for violence is enormous. The direct consequence of Political Persecution and Repression will be Direct Violence targeting specific individuals. To the contrary, the more freedom there is to express views without fear of persecution, the safer we can be.

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