Saturday, 9 September 2017

Climate: Some tribes still believe that dancing produces rain

Climate: Some tribes still believe that dancing produces rain

Climate phenomena are part of the normal evolution of Planet Earth.

Climate has been constantly changing as land masses change and keep moving and there is little we can do to alter this process of change. At the beginning, it is said that there was only one land mass called Pangaea and that Pangaea broke down into several pieces evolving towards what we have got today as continents. Climate evolved non stop. To say that Climate changes because of Man is an absurdity promoted by individuals that should know better. Earth's position around the Sun has changed. The Solar System's position in what we call the Universe has changed. Change is a constant in the lives of Stellar Systems and therefore we have to expect more changes in the future and some more dramatic than others. Most probably the time will when Earth will be like Planet Mars. Whether Humanity has the technology that will enable it to move to another Planets it remain to be seen but this vastly exceeds our own life time and as Humanity also evolves our descendants might end up being quite different from us.

As Antoine de Lavoisier stated: Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed. Change is a constant and we better accept it. This is the message to the Environmentalists. You are not going to prevent changes by over-charging for services i.e. taxes on air travel. Taxing people with the pretext of doing it to prevent climate change is like the actions of Native Americans jumping around and shouting to make rain fall. It is absolutely nonsensical.

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