Thursday, 7 September 2017

National Action: Proscribed but Thriving Organisation

National Action: Organisation banned in the United Kingdom.
The organisation known as National Action might have been proscribed but its numbers are rising steadily. In more than one way, the fact that it has been declared illegal in the United Kingdom has made it even more attractive for anyone who is fed up of what is happening today in British politics.

I speak regularly with many disenchanted members of certain political parties that tell me that "there is no longer a political solution and that they will be joining groups like National Action".

Whether they finally join or don't join National Action, the fact remains that National Action numbers keep growing and now include members of the British Armed Forces, people who have military training, have access to weaponry, and now have an ideological foundation and direction of travel.

The Independent newspaper published an article about the fact that Police authorities are investigated the British Armed Forces because elements of the British Armed Forces have been found to be linked to National Action.

I contacted The Independent to talk about the subject but they haven't come back to me - maybe they will do so in the future. National Action is just one of a myriad of smaller groups that have made the transition from political parties to political movements. Politische Partein/Politische Bewegungen.

There are paramilitary training camps across the United Kingdom where many youngsters are given a cocktail of military training and ideological formation. These are not the usual Sturmabteilungen. They are more like fully-fledged Schutzstaffel.

Lizzie Dearden is a beginner in this area of research. I was active in the 1970s and 1980s in Latin America and very much aware of political strategies used by paramilitary organisations like National Action but the level of sophistication has risen exponentially. There are Blue Collar National Action members and White Collar National Action members and they are very much part of everyday Britain.

White Collar National Action members are members of organisations and institutions that are not publicly associated with the ideals of National Action. When political success is a long way away, infiltration is the most successful strategy. If I were to reveal even a small number of names, the country would be up for a massive emotional shock because many individuals usually associated as active anti-Far Right campaigners are National Action members in disguise.

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