Wednesday, 25 October 2017

British Nationalism Round 2

British Nationalism Round 2

What we knew as British Nationalism was very much dominated by ideas and concepts from the 1930s and 1940s. This is why it could easily be labelled as something else that had little to do with genuine British interests.

Labelling has been a tactic used by Marxist organisations keeping the ghosts of World War Two in the minds of ordinary people and a way to misrepresent, distort and victimise those who have raised genuine concerns about the direction of travel of today's Britain. Even those who had little or nothing to do with certain movements or ideologies have been classified as Nazi, Fascist, Xenophobe, Anti-Semite and the like. At one point, members of the Conservative Party and of the United Kingdom Independence Party were shouted at and discriminated against using the same labels.

In the same manner that Vince Cable MP talked about the need for a new political map of Britain to replace the duality Conservative/Labour, it is self-evident that the two-party status quo is no longer a viable alternative. The Liberal Democrats themselves had a rude awakening when they lost practically 4/5 of their representation in the House of Commons. Britain has changed and the so called mainstream political parties are nothing more than a loose association of different ideological trends.

As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, there will be new political definitions and this could lead to the rise of a true British Nationalist political party that will be essentially British, a modern political party, a political party for the Twenty-First Century.

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