Friday, 21 September 2012

Betrug, Diebstahl, Verarmung - Fraud Theft Poverty

ESM = Betrug, Diebstahl, Verarmung! Schluss mit der EU-Diktatur - wir machen Politik aus dem Volk für das Volk!  ESM = fraud, theft, poverty! We must put a stop to EU dictatorship.  We make people’s politics for the people.

Quantitative Easing is nothing more than a very dangerous process of creating artificial wealth that will destroy any chances of economic recovery and lead to widespread violence. German economists have indicated that the real way of restoring some resemblance of financial stability is to restore national currencies to balance national budgets without bankrupting countries and without imposing savage cuts that could even destroy democracies across Europe.
Rather than creating an Enron-style false stability by cooking the books and pretending that debts are real assets, we should focus on making European economies competitive. Bureaucrats are taking power away from democratically elected governments and replacing them with political puppets.

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