Wednesday, 12 September 2012

American Ambassador in Libya killed by ‘friendly fire’

American Ambassador in Libya killed by ‘friendly fire’

What Chris Stevens and three other Americans would never have dreamt of is that they would end up being killed by so called ‘freedom fighters’ mobs supported by the American State Department.

The assassination of American Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens is yet another example of the irrationality of American foreign policy in the Arab World.

Both the USA and Britain have been arming Arab countries that they see as loyal to carry out a war by proxy against Syria, following the same rationale used against Libya and used before in Afghanistan where the USA supported the Taliban and members of today’s AlQaeda only to have to confront them across the world a few years later.

Afghanistan, one of the main production centres of opium that is one of the fundamental ingredients of heroin, is today the focus of yet another investigation concerning heroin consumption by American troops.

While the American economy is collapsing with rampant unemployment, Obama’s administration, very much like the previous administration, is wasting trillions of dollars to try and maintain an illegal occupation of Afghanistan, inventing false reports about an agreement with Taliban that would allow American bases in Afghanistan and plotting against Syria and Iran as a prospect for future military adventures.

So in the context of a disastrous foreign policy, the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens rather than being a surprise is yet more evidence to confirm the irrationality of the American administration.

By the way, since the USA supports the Argentinean claim to British territory, the Cuban government should demand the return of Guantanamo. Since the then American President James Monroe stated 'America for the Americans', Cuba should be entitled to say Cuba for the Cubans.  

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