Monday, 10 September 2012

What British Mass Media don't talk about

The British Mass Media are always ready and willing to talk about the Russian Maffia in Russia but keep very quiet about criminal operations in the United Kingdom involving Russian criminals based in London. While the UK Borders Authority is so energetic when it comes to repressing people that come to the United Kingdom merely trying to find a better life, there is nothing said about so called High Class Refugees with links with the criminal underworld.

The British society is finally waking up to the fact that amongst the so-called 'Refugees' we harboured Boris Berezovsky and his former partner Badri Patarkatsishvili, the two main heads of the Lernaen Hydra of the criminal underworld which looted Russia in the 1990s.

Suddenly, out of nowhere came the Nouveau Riche while ordinary Russian people lost their life-savings and their jobs and were condemned to lives of misery. 

Everyday we learn new words. Thanks to a recent High Court battle, we learned a new Russian word: krysha. Krysha means roof, but in the language of the Maffia means 'protection'.

While Boris Berezovsky was then involved as political roof, having been a close ally of the Yeltsin Family, his Georgia-born partner Badri Patarkatsishvili provided the criminal krysha (criminal protection) but regardless of the terminology the political side of the operation worked together with the criminal side. It was merely a division of labour.

Recently, a Moscow court ordered UK-based Boris Berezovsky to pay almost one billion roubles in a lawsuit filed by the Samara Region government in connection with Avtovaz car manufacturer. According to the plaintiff, Berezovsky helped by Patarkatsishvili used his LogoVAZ dealership in 1994 to defraud the state-controlled Avtovaz manufacturer - fraud involving several thousand cars. Boris Berezovsky rejected the court's decision and said that 'it was unlikely to be enforced'.

The question is how long Russian criminals that live in the United Kingdom as refugees will be allowed to use the United Kingdom to foment disorder in Russia. In the USA, American journalist Paul Klebinikov, when mentioning the hostile takeover of Russia by olygarchs in the 1990s, wrote that no man has profited more from Russia's slide into the the abyss than Boris Berezovsky.

Badri Patarkasishvili died suddenly in London in 2008 but Boris Berezovski is still based in London living in close quarters surrounded by an army of bodyguards. In a legal battle against Roman Abramovich whom he accused of 'intimidating him' to force him to get rid of assets, Boris Berezovsky talks about the billions of pounds he lost when in fact he lost nothing and one of the British judges publicly stated that Boris Berezovsky is a very unreliable witness. My understanding is that saying that Boris Berezovsky is an unreliable witness is a bit of an understatement.

Russia's Investigative Committee has just announced a wide ranging investigation into Berezovsky's illegitimate operations in Russia (jointly with Patarkatsishvili clan), particularly with the Borjomi brand of fizzy water. The authorities are about to arrest all their assets in Russia.

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